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OUTSIDE multiplyer event in Varėna, Lithuania

Life goes in cycles and as everything, the good things also come to the end. This is to say that we started the closing cycle of the project OUTSIDE . Multiplyer event took place in Lithuania, city of Varėna and the great results were shared among the participants. Great audience came together: teachers from numerous …

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inovatyvi karta ngo

“Project HOWs” has ended

Useful materials have been created for Erasmus+: Youth in Action mobility project implementerswithin the framework of Erasmus+ strategic partnership project “Project HOWs”.Partners from 4 countries –Baltic Regional Fund from Latvia, Vsl Inovatyvi karta from Lithuania, CVSBulgaria from Bulgaria, and Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány from Hungary – have worked together inthe project to create support materials for …

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Project HOWs intellectual results

We’re delighted to share that the Project HOWs intellectual results are here! To introduce them, we had an event on 23rd September in Vilnius. During the event participants had the opportunity to hear all about Project HOWs and its’ results: research, interactive platform, pocket book and educational game Newcomers and youth workers tried out the …

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How to organise Erasmus+ project? The answer is Project How’s.

How to organise Erasmus+ project? The answer is Project How’s. The perfect tool for you to learn how to implement your first Erasmus plus project. Check our video here https://youtu.be/ye8y8-b3ahQ Do not forget to visit our learning platform https://projecthows.com You will find Research obtaining data on the experience of previous projects implementation; Interactive Platform, a …

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Arinos patirtis daiginant saulėgrąžas

Jau ne pirmą kartą dalyvauju Inovatyvi karta workshopose, kaskart esu labai patenkinta ir maloniai nustebinta temų informatyvumu ir jaukia renginių atmosfera. Proietto “Cabbage” sesijoje ne tik mokinomės daiginti saulėgrąžas ir lęšius, bet ir kalbėjome apie glaudžią siejimą tarp augalų ir mūsų vidinės būsenos. Mes turim prižiūrėti save, savo emocinę būseną ir sveikatą taip pat, kai …

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,,Cabbage” workshop in Vilnius

On 19th Semptember we had our ,,Cabbage” workshop, what did we do? We started of the evening with brainstorming what cabbage is. Of course, first thing that popped up in everyone’s minds was the vegetable but using different key words we moved on to talk about the project itself Participants were also asked to share …

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