In our activities we do involve all elements we are good at. Be ready to live, breath, experience – we will give you opportunity to find the space for your individual journey and it is up to you whether you will take the path or not.

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Raminta Rusovičiūtė

Founder, Director and Trainer

Gurkeerat Gill

Meditation Guru and Health Educator

Raimonda Miliūtė

Art Educator

Algirdas Papickas

Physiotherapist and Trainer

Marta Sainz de la Maza Padro

Life Coach

Marijonas Radžiūnas

Project Manager and Trainer

Jogailė Adomaitytė


Simona Tamošiūnaitė

Facilitator and Yoga Instructor

Marco Baldascino

Content Designer

Gvantsa Mezvrishvili

Trainer and Facilitator

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David, Armenia
In the Mirror

“This program, with its people and ideals, helped me developing critical thinking and recognizing the world in a new way, thinking about new things, to finally be the change that our society and our world need.”

Ernesta, Lithuania
Make a Change

“Everyone enters a project with a different goal. For me, projects as such are a success if I get to know one new thing about myself. It might seem like a very vague goal, but I think it is important to expect the unexpected.”

Rugilė, Lithuania
Empathic Step

“I saw empathy not only as an opportunity to be able to see things from other people’s perspective, but also an opportunity to see myself from distance, to be happy that I’m alive and can be part of this amazing community.”

Karina, Lithuania
Volunteering really counts

“The whole project was like a rollercoaster ride: one moment it seemed like I understood everything; then I felt lost and exhausted from all the information that I wanted to absorb. I got so much: learning about emotions, myself and people.”

Tamta, Georgia
In the Mirror

“I learnt how to know more about myself. After the project I see a new person when I look ‘in the mirror’. I was so emotional during night hiking, and it made me understand how refugees feel when they leave their homes, that this is happening almost every day.”

Greta, Lithuania
Non-formal Plants

“I didn’t only meet new friends and colleagues, but I also understood the importance of being an active citizen. I had the great opportunity to work and create some activities with an amazing Lithuanian team, who I consider not only as team members but as true friends too.”