Futurland continues- this time we met in Bulgaria!

The second meeting of the “FUTURLANDS” project took place in Bulgaria, marking an important milestone in our journey. The meeting was filled with energy and determination from all organisations and people. We gathered to discuss how to empower youth workers and equip them with future thinking skills. We exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and brainstormed innovative approaches.

As we engaged in collaborative learning, we deepened our understanding of the project’s objectives and impact. The meeting served as a platform for fostering meaningful connections and building a strong international network. We left inspired and motivated to take concrete actions towards promoting future thinking among young people.

With renewed enthusiasm, we are now ready to implement the next phase of the project. Our time in Bulgaria was not only productive but also memorable, leaving us eager for the journey ahead.

Working moment, when we used a cards “Doors” for the reflection
Some after work activities

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