Story – Zero Grams of Waste – Youth exchange in United Kingdom

Zero Grams of Waste challenge is a youth exchange to exchange ideas and empower ourselves on how to become zero waste every step of the way

  • Raise awareness about ZGW – 5 Rs philosophy and circular economy
  • Support a ZGW lifestyle and exchange ideas of how to minimize waste, how to reduce, reuse, recycle, rot and refuse the 5 Rs of ZGW
  • Support the participants to take action and become Zero Grams of Wasters
  • To live in a sustainable community and try to minimize waste in practice for 8 days
  • Develop new skills and competences through non-formal learning and informal: creative workshops, workshops, open discussions.
  • Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to be the change agents in our everyday life and in our communities
  • Create a mini workshop, role playing or any creative presentation of one of the 5 Rs
  • To create videos to disseminate the results of the project

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” Mother Teresa

37 participants from UK, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria gathered in Zero Grams of Waste challenge in Kennington, United Kingdom.

Want to know more? Visit this website: https://abroadship.org/story-zero-grams-of-waste-youth-exchange-in-united-kingdom/