Story – Neurostory II – Youth exchange in United Kingdom

37 participants from UK, Greece, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Romania gathered in the second part of Neurostory youth exchange in Kennington, United Kingdom.

NEUROSTORY connect young people from different countries and is a host a space where they can practice storytelling and media literacy skills. In 9 days we are co-creating a story lab, where we can deconstruct stories, craft them, express them, share them, play with them and pass them on.

We are discovering the composition of a story while crafting our own words.
Stories are personal, stories are also social and political. They shape our societies and our truth.
From creating stories to deconstructing social narratives, we practice playing with the meanings around us.

Expressing our authenticity, while connecting to others.
Improv is a funny way to create bridges above our differences.

Inviting movement in our bodies and narratives.
What in you want to move?

Diving into the stories that we live in. Bringing awareness to our ability to distinguish reality and communicate our needs.

We learn by creating, experimenting, and crafting. We exchange our knowledge in workshops, games, and creative sessions.
The door to knowledge are our hands.

Asking the questions that bring insights.
Bringing new skills into our own reality.

We share living, meals, memories, movements and stories.
Learning to connect to the other, while close to oneself.