OUTSIDE multiplyer event in Varėna, Lithuania

Life goes in cycles and as everything, the good things also come to the end. This is to say that we started the closing cycle of the project OUTSIDE . Multiplyer event took place in Lithuania, city of Varėna and the great results were shared among the participants. Great audience came together: teachers from numerous schools, cultural sector representatives, youth workers and we also had some guest a fellow NGO from Italy. Project was presented in a theoretical but also practical way: small group workshops, sharing the methods and know-how. Invaluable experience! Great interest was also found in participants!

What has happened during the project? Let’s see what was created:
1. UTSIDE Training Toolkit for Teachers: Environmental Education through Open Schooling
2. OUTSIDE Online Resource Centre
3. Collection of business projects OUTSIDE- made by students!
4. OUTSIDE Competence Framework and Guidelines for sustainable local development

Please find all those things here: https://www.outsideproject.eu

Available in all the languages of the partner countries, including Lithuanian!

Next step- other small events where we are going to share about this project and final closing event in Brussels!

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