Monika – Save our water

My first Erasmus + project.
Serbia “Save our water”

I want to say THANK YOU ALL, for those who organized this project and for those who were there with me and made it more interesting.
For me, this project was full of love and warm people, of course also I learned a lot about other cultures their water situation. I met people from 6 different countries ( Lithuania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Romania ). The most surprising thing is that we all were like one big family.
There was a lot of workshops where we deepened our knowledge, we created songs and showed our acting skills. The place was also very relaxing and appropriate for this project. Moreover, we were in a water factory, it was interesting to see how water is preparing for sale.

And I forgot a little bit of Monika.. But hope that you guys dont forget it ♥️