Egle – Save our water

Recently, I was given an opportunity to be part of the most amazing project in Serbia.
“SAVE OUR WATER” was the theme, but it was represented not only in tasks, the idea and thrive for saving our planet was living in each one of us.
It didn’t matter whether you came from Lithuania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia or Romania everyone united to save our water and do something that matters. Although, this was my first and only project so far, it made a big impact on my everyday life. I finally understood more while listening to other’s experiences how small things can make a huge difference in helping our environment.
Not only the project gave me knowledge, it also gave me an opportunity to meet the most amazing motivated youth. I was given a gift of wonderful friendships and even LOVE ❤Thank you! To everyone for being a part of this amazing experience
And also, THANK YOU #innovativegeneration for this amazing opportunity