Jovita – Balcantic youth work

Jovita shares her experience of a project that took place in Estonia in April: “I recently discovered the opportunity to go to Erasmus + projects, BYW (Balcantic Youth work) was the second one I got the chance to participate in. In fact, I think such experiences can help me grow. We often say that things are bad in Lithuania, so every time I bring experience from the project, I understand how good it is to return home after even a week spent in the project. This time I met very creative and active people who, in 10 days, came up with their idea, wrote everything down, and managed to apply the project. I believe will get the news that a project promoting a healthy lifestyle and harmony of the soul in Latvia will take place in the summer. I really recommend it to students and even working young people, do not be afraid and go to Erasmus + projects! “