Austeja – Non-formal plant

What happens in Youth Exchange? Austėja will tell you.

It was super incredible youth exchange experience in a beautiful Ureki city in Georgia. At first, I had a chance to travel for a few days with an inspiring team from Lithuania Marta Sainz Maza Greta Komarovaitė Laimonas Ramanauskas Laurynas Veismanis I can call these people my family now. As it says that during trips you can know true, genuine people faces and after this trip I can say truly that these people are such a kind, generous and funny personalities from all my heart . . Thank you for all the moments we’ve shared, for all laughters, smiles and above all, for your lovely friendship!

The beginning of the journey was wonderful and it didn’t stop at this point. The project added and ended with emotions and things which I will keep for the rest of my life. All the people I met, all the conversations I had, all performances, games, discussions, challenges I had- provide me with new thoughts, ideas and skills which helped and still help to grow as a personality. I would like to thanks for this experience especially to Gvantsa Mezvrishvili George Bukia Mumtaz Ali because without you it wouldn’t be the same. These people do what they like and love and you can obviously see happiness, dedication, desire in their eyes. They share all their knowledges, ideas, experiences with us and act with us not only as students or pupils but as teachers in the same time. All of us could share our knowledges, mindset and culture differences. During this project, it was a plenty of fun and engaging activities which transformed our understandings and approaches in a new perspective, extended your horizons.

I would like to finish this story that we all travel for a reason and for me this journey highlight was people and activities. I appreciate all challenges that I faced because I was surrounded by people who made me feel that we’re all living like a big family together where I can get support and encouragement in any time. Thanks you for this!!

Finally, BIG THANKS TO AMAZING ORGANIZATION Inovatyvi karta/ Innovative Generation which gave me this opportunity to participate in this project.

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