Darya Korolkova shared about her first Erasmus+ experience in Ukraine

Post-celebrating first time at Youth Exchange program! Ukrania feels like home, so beautiful and powerful language, sounds so familiar and cozy people, of course. 26 young people in the hut on the mountain – in the middle of nowhere, literally. And from as many as five countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Georgia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

The idea of ​​the project creared by Oksana and her company to break stereotypes about the culture of other countries. So, the task was not only to learn to resist stereotypes, but also to try to teach others. As a result – three video teams about stereotypes. I’m so happy to be a part of the creative process in such a relaxing and friendly environment. Especially happy to try as an input the “Body Pressure” performance by Bruce Nauman – and so happy you all liked it as I do.

Find out more about other Erasmus+ possibilities: https://innovativegeneration.eu/open-calls/

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