How did Aistė see transnational meeting of project How’s?

As for me, “Project HOWs” brought a lot of new experiences and first times. First time embarking on a journey of Erasmus + K2 Project, first time being a part of a transnational meeting and even a first time in Bulgaria! Before the meeting I got my hands on the data of qualitative and quantitative research and together with the team worked on collecting it all in one report. For a new person in this field, reading past experiences and different perspectives of Erasmus+ projects was not only interesting but also informative. Especially digging deeper with organizations’ research, which opened a fairly new world of project implementation and the challenges those organizations often meet. Coming back to the meeting, the way it was so casual rather that strictly professional made me feel surprised but very comfortable as well. Hearing about all of the Intellectual Outputs, the work that has already been done and all of the plans was fascinating. It made me think how invaluable the material, information that is being created and is going to be put out for a person like me is. Just being a part of the project and the meeting already gave me the opportunity to gain new knowledge about project implementation and also get some insight from people who have a lot to share about it. Feeling very grateful and lucky to join this and I am sure that what is going to be created will lead newcomers greatly 🙂

Written by Kašėtaitė Aistė about Erasmus + K2 Project transnational meeting in Bulgaria, 26th – 29th July 2021 “Project HOWs”