A perspective of one Aware Thinker:

Erasmus+ Project “Aware Thinker”

What is the capacity of connection with others? What are the limits? What is the process of
becoming close? What is the process of including someone or oneself in a new environment?
How to create a genuine connection?
Within 9 days of being together, the Aware Thinker program was designed to explore these
questions and deepen the connection.
It was a rollercoaster of activities and emotional experiences.
The most important lesson I learned was how to express my displeasure. As one person felt
excluded, another instilled resistance in me. Another openly criticized the process, which was
frightening to witness. I was gradually learning to accept others without wanting to change
anything. To speak for myself. Being direct in anger or any other emotion.
Slowly testing the waters to see how much it is safe to say and how to express myself without
offending others. How not to take things personally when they are directly addressed to me or
even directed to the entire group could even make me feel as if they are.
Seeing that even a direct expression of displeasure is not an attack, but rather an expression of
negative feelings.
We were travelling through a maze of emotions as a group, touching the surface of other
Meanwhile, having lots of fun, experiencing the creation of a festival, and having ups and
Introducing meaningful activities instead of culture nights resulted in many laughs, tears, and
hugs. This was not an average project, and this was not an average group.
Each person has their own addictions. They are visible through the surface, each one still trying
to keep the surface intact when, in reality, I know that others can see me better than I do.
The method is based on M. Scott Peck’s book The Different Drum and the Community Building
Workshop method, which is being used all over the world.
Another one is scheduled for May 12th, 2023 in Portugal –