Project HOWs intellectual results

We’re delighted to share that the Project HOWs intellectual results are here! ✨To introduce them, we had an event on 23rd September in Vilnius. During the event participants had the opportunity to hear all about Project HOWs and its’ results: research, interactive platform, pocket book and educational game 🕹️Newcomers and youth workers tried out the platform (https://projecthows.com/auth/login), played with the cards and checked out the pocket book in its physical form! Not only that but everyone got a copy of their own Project HOWs pocket book and cards 👯‍♀️A big thank you to everyone who joined! We hope that you’ll be able to use these results and they’ll help you greatly whether you have no or lots experience in the field of youth projects! 💌#inovatyvikarta#innovativegeneration#erasmus#erasmusplus#erasmusstrategicpartnership#youthinaction#projecthows#lithuania#bulgaria#latvia#hungary