“You are the world” in Lioni, Italy

Get 37 people from 6 different countries, launch the challenge and meet them in Lioni (Naples).

This is how our Erasmus+ adventure started on 4th October.

Each Erasmus+ has its own challenges, and this time the challenge was to bring together the concept of internationality with regional and local particularism.

This is how the six partners, Soul Express Marianella, Creativity Rocks, Inovatyvi karta, Baltijas Regionalais Fonds, Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia and Subtiluship C.I.C have collaborated with Pro Loco Lioni to realize the European values ​​and objectives of the Erasmus + Program.

The whole group faced many challenges, good times, and difficulties together. We have learned what it means to be an active citizen and what are the actions that aim to contribute to the construction and maintenance of a democratic society. We learned about intercultural diversity and common values. The main activities were aimed at improving one’s potential, developing critical thinking and learning to take action on the issues that we care about the most. Space was given to creativity and the strengthening of our distinctive traits.

We learned through group building activities, body movement workshops, reflection groups, nature walks and cultural diversity walks and gender stereotypes, and each of the participants got to participate themselves in the forum theater.

The associations that have collaborated in the implementation of this project share the importance of raising awareness on issues such as discrimination and drawing attention to current problems such as refugee emergencies. Many young people were able to speak for the first time so closely and openly to people from different parts of Europe and the variety and diversity between the various countries helped to achieve the final goal: INTEGRATION

In addition, local international evening, organized in center in Lioni was a great space for participants not only to learn but also to show what best they have- individually and as a countries or cultures. It also involved local community at the great extent, and this reflected on how crucial it is to become culturally competent and understand the components of diversity.

Each activity had the basic objective of improving the sense of initiative of young people, in everyday activities, leaving them space to organize free time in the afternoons and leading various workshops, thus being able to show their skills.

You are the world Erasmus + project connected people of different individualities and allowed them to have a new, perhaps different perspective, encouraging them to be active listeners and to engage in active discussions with respect thus participating in the creation of an empathic and inclusive society.