Sabina – Say Hi(King)

“I have never been involved in any similar project before,” says Lazarevičiūtė Sabina, “so curiosity and the encouragement of the organizers forced me to get out of my comfort zone and experience the best adventure of my life.

“The day we left for Georgia, my heart was pounding like crazy. The thought of having to live 10 days and spend time with completely unfamiliar foreigners frightened me. I didn’t trust myself because I thought my English wasn’t good enough and I wouldn’t deal with the tasks given to me. But in just a few days, things turned upside down. “

“By participating in this project, I realized that no matter who I am, no matter what others are, we are all equal. I have learned to work not only with myself but also with others. I have learned to fight and overcome my fears. I think everyone has to at least once in their life participate in such a project because you will not be able to explain what you will experience in words for a long time and you will want to call the people you meet as your friends.

The main theme of the project was to understand and find ways to reduce discrimination. Until then, I never thought about how big of a problem this really is. The goal of this project was to show who we really are, what unites us. We created plays, songs, played interesting games together, and the biggest impression was left by two hikes, night and day, around the beautiful mountains of Georgia, organized by Irmantas Sujeta. “

The Say Hi(King) project brought together participants from Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania and was funded by the Erasmus + program.

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