Kiril – Empathic step #1

Ah! United Kingdom!

Before travelling to Isle of Wight, many people had told me to bring an umbrella, because Britain is a really rainy place and it is supposed to rain on each day of my visit. OBVIOUSLY, I forgot to take it. Somehow, I was lucky enough to not experience those rains. At least not every day.

If you wish to increase your language proficiency of English language, United Kingdom is the right place to realize, that you won’t understand a word of British-English.

The first time you’ll be sitting in any kind of a transport in England, you will realize that you’re going on the wrong side of the road. You mustn’t worry, cause they do it on purpose.

No matter what you will say to British people and how stupid it will sound, you’ll get a simple answer:

–  Fair Enough.

If you confront them on the fact that they answer “Fair enough” to anything you say, they won’t think too long to answer with another “Fair enough”.

Obviously, I won’t tell everything that I experienced here and neither I did about my previous experiences, because that would be a major spoiler to everything you should experience yourself on the upcoming Erasmus+ projects. 

Just keep in mind.

I didn’t had a chance to regret a single one of them.