Raimonda – Magic in the projects

There is no magic in magic, It’s all in the details (Walt Disney).

After participating in my first youth exchange I knew that it was only the beginning. I wanted to know more not only about youth exchanges but also about youth trainings, how the projects are created, what kind of difficulties you may face during the process of creating a project etc. Due to this reason as soon as I saw a new opportunity to do so – I joined the youth training project ’’Magic in the Projects’’ which was held in Latvia.

Since it was my very first youth training project everything started with a lot of unknowns as well as it was a new challenge for myself. The arrival day was full of new acquaintances and endless conversations. During the project we were discussing about the project itself – What is it? What does it have to consist of? What makes the magical project magical? How to deal with the logistics and organizational things? During the whole project we have created many magical moments together which will stay in my memory for a long time. Big smiles which lead to laughing and eventually crying out of laughter, the obsession of hugs, wonderful and lovely words that have been said to each other, evening’s massages and much much more!

I’d like to say a big thank you to Ginta, Liga and Natalie who organized this fantastic project! Thank you for your input in this project, for caring about us all so much, for all the nice words you have said and for all of the tight hugs. Also I’d like to thank Raminta (NGO Innovative Generation) for trusting me and giving me such a great opportunity to participate in such a magical project!