Marta – Non-formal plant

10 days passed after my 1st Erasmus+ youth exchange trip and I still have the same feelings: amazing experience, people, activities and organizers.

As team leader (TL) I was travelling to Georgia (Tbilisi) to meet other TLs to organize the sessions proposed by the Georgian organization. I met there amazing people with whom collaboration and support was really easy. Thank you Monika Bocian, Anete Matilde, Maryna Andriichenko, Eliza Khachatrian, Rima, Taz, Gvantsa and George! But that was only the beginning of awesome experience!

A week later I was taking a flight with my team (4 lovely persons) to come back to Georgia (this time Kutaisi, Ureki and Batumi), and discovered really good persons who take care of each other and support like they know you from long time. Thank you Greta Komarovaitė, Austeja Meidutė, Laimonas Ramanauskas and Laurynas Veismanis, I felt really loved and I have you in my heart! It’s awesome that we keep meeting after the trip! 😍

Then I met the whole group, 40 people from different countries (UK, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia and Georgia) and I discovered very nice and interesting people with different personalities, ideas, believes, cultures and thoughts that gave me a lot to learn from and to think. Thank you all for making this trip and adventure awesome and unique and for your gratitude, honesty and active participation! Days and nights with you were amazing! Thank you Ana Chapichadze for being very cool Buddy! 😘

My learns: preparing 2 sessions (Non-formal education concept) for a group of 40 people related to “Active Citizenship”, and “Take action”; support my team to prepare the sessions, provide ideas, present them with my team, support to all the people, guide, use of leadership skills, communication and public speaking skills, people and soft-skills, creativity (even developing my drawing skills 😀), learning from others (different cultures and perspectives). In addition I supported the organization on improvisation theater activity which was awesome and end up in doing very cool live performance in Batumi city.🤩

I really recommend this experience at least 1 in life as you get and you give a lot! And I got in addition many invitations to visit other countries 🥰

Thank you because I felt super loved and the respect and support you gave to me made my perception of life better ☺️

Special thank you for awesome job as trainer and organizer of the activities to Gvantsa Mezvrishvili, working with and learning from you was a huge pleasure; and huge thank you to George Bukia and Taz for organizing the project, take care of us, accomodation, transport, etc., working and learning from you also a great pleasure! 😀. You have done wonderful job! And thank you NGO “Innovative Generation”/ VšĮ “Inovatyvi karta” for trust me and chose me as TL.