Circle of life in Perloja’s local sport festival

Inovatyvi karta organised the Youth Exchange “Circle of life” which was held in Lithuania, Perloja July 2018. The main idea of this project was to get acquainted with social inclusion topic and start to implement conscious social integration process in real life. We believe it helps to reach united and co-operated European society, despite of social or cultural differences. One of the project’s highlights was participation in annual sports festival in small village called Perloja where participants could take part in different sport activities (football, volleyball, rope pull, etc.) as well as play and spend time with locals. Besides that, different topics were touched therefore participants raised awareness about inclusion and understand better what social integration is, got new knowledge about different cultures and religions, cultural understanding and increased level of empathy towards other people and cultures. Besides educational approach, everyone found friends for life and had the chance to know Lithuanian culture, nature and overcome stereotypes about other cultures thanks to our wide partnership list. Project was financed by Erasmus+ programme. Youth exchange took part in Lithuania, village of Perloja on 22- 31 July.

Lithuanian NGO Innovative Generation organized project together with partners from Croatia “IDemo Youth”, from Hungary “lelekter” Foundation, from Poland “Sztukater” Association, from Slovakia “YeSlovakia” and from Spain “Building Bridges”