Ineta – Inside outside

Ineta Žičkutė has participated in a Training Course in Latvia and she has something to tell you. Something amazing to tell you:

Discussion of crucial skills of #YouthWorkers and the challenges that youth workers faces show that it is not enough just to consider #IntelligenceQuotient. In addition, there is a need to allocate more time to the development of #Emotional and #Social #Intelligence competencies as well.

In the latter competencies development, 32 people from Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania and Spain took part in the project #InsideOutside. During a week of lectures, non-formal educational activities, sharing personal experiences and best practices, etc., we developed knowledge and learned new methods in the field of #Emotional and #Social #Intelligence.

Acquired knowledge has a significantly valuable impact, raising the quality of #YouthWork and promoting the #professionalism of #YouthWorkers.

It was a great pleasure to meet experienced trainers Natalie Jivkova, Ginta Salmiņa, Lauma Zubule, Zane Veinberga, Natalja Gudakovska and all Participants. Feeling thankful for all of you sharing your knowledge and personal experiences!

#ErasmusPlus #YouthinAction Youth workers’ mobility project #InsideOutside, hosted by #BalticRegionalFund on 08-15 July 2018 in Kegums & Riga, Latvia

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