Deimante – First you learn, then you remove the “L”

Deimante has been in one project in Latvia recently and here is what she has to tell you

//“I have tried a lot of Erasmus+ projects and shared about that incredible experience with my friends, but people simply don’t believe me and I don’t know why”, – told me one of the youth exchange participant.

Now imagine:
* Meeting young people from 3+ different countries and becoming friends with them (!!! they will be always happy to help you if you decide to visit their country)
* Exploring new cultures: traditions, history, music, dances … Of course, food and drinks play a major role there
* Gaining new skills (like critical thinking, time management, debating and etc.) in a very unexpected way
* Visiting beautiful places near your accommodation (sea, forests, cities)
* Developing one’s personality as you can share your ideas and discuss with extremely clever and diverse people
* And YES! It is totally for free. You fly/drive, eat, sleep and grow as a person every day without spending any money.

I know, it may sound exaggerated. But I truly had all this during project “First You learn, Then you remove the “L” (it was held in Latvia, camping “Ērgļi”).So, I don’t want to make someone to believe in me, but I only ask to try at least 1 project and then we will see 😇

Special thanks for Andra Štāle, NGO “Innovative Generation”/ VšĮ “Inovatyvi karta”, Gurkeerat Gill and all the other leaders for giving me this opportunity 😄//