Gill in transnational meeting of the project OUTSIDE

The activity took place from 27th September until 29th September and was attended by different partner organisations from different countries including Croatia, Belgium, Lithuania, and Italy. The aim of this meeting was to discuss the previously implemented activities and finalise the future action plan that will be executed throughout the project to fulfil the aim and objectives of the project. During the meeting, the time was invested to discuss the research report, toolkit design, toolkit framework and educational modules. These educational modules are the methods prepared by the different organisations to implement them in schools among teachers as well as students. The focus of these modules is to make teachers and students aware about nature, environmental protection, digital tools, green business ideas and sustainable development. Different organisations presented the content of those modules and illustrated how these modules will be implemented in the school environment. Later, followed by discussions, organisations get the time to get to know each other through social dinners. Overall, this meeting was special in its own way.