Eglė – #healthyhabits #1

So, Eglė went to explore the world and decided to take the opportunity to participate in Youth Exchange in London. What she could share with us? 🙂

#HealthyHabits : Active Outdoors and Sports was a mind blowing experience. I believe, that every person has to get out of their comfort zone to double-check whether they are really on THEIR OWN path. This project for me was not only trying new things, undertaking activities I have never done, enjoying active outdoors in amazing surroundings, meeting amazing people and exchanging experiences with them, it was as well my time to find my inner balance. This was one of my biggest takeaways of the project 😊

Thanks to Eglė for sharing and we encourage to try something similar and find your biggest outcomes. Who’s in? 🙂

Partners of this experience: Abroadship.org, 4YOUth, NGO “Innovative Generation”/ VšĮ “Inovatyvi karta”, Synergy Romania, Syncro – Synergy Croatia, Solidarity Mission Academy