Anatolij – #healthylifestyle #1

We’re sharing Anatolij Matiushinsky’s impressions, who has just returned from a youth exchange 🙂

 “On August 21-28, Erasmus + youth exchange” #healthylifestyle “took place in the beautiful student city of Iasi, Romania, with the participation of 16 wonderful people from Lithuania, Romania and the Czech Republic. Week passed so quickly that it seemed like a day. I don’t want to spill all the program,, but I can say that the excitement will last for half a year … 🙂 This youth exchange is the best project I have had, and I have had 5. I can also say that this project is the most emotional moment in my life I haven’t had so many beautiful moments and so many pleasant feelings inside … 🙂 I still live by these impressions … 🙂 I want to thank the organization “Innovative Generation” for the opportunity to participate in this exchange. If you want to have adventures, change something in in your life, make new friends and bring a full suitcase of unforgettable memories, you should try Erasmus+ projects!