,,Cabbage” workshop in Vilnius

On 19th Semptember we had our ,,Cabbage” workshop, what did we do? 🤩We started of the evening with brainstorming what cabbage is. Of course, first thing that popped up in everyone’s minds was the vegetable but using different key words we moved on to talk about the project itself 🥬Participants were also asked to share their relationship with plants, what kind of plants they have and take care of and if the process affects their well-being in any way 🪴✨Now the fun part – after all the talking we showed the participants the processes of lentil germination and sprouting sunflower seeds! Since it’s very easy, everyone was intrigued and motivated to start doing that at home.Participants also received little cactuses and succulent kits to introduce to their plant family 🌵Thank you to everyone for coming and keep an eye out on videos regarding the project! ❤️Here you can find more information about the project itself: https://startupszeged.org/cabbage/#cabbage#creativebalconygardening#workshop#erasmusplus#green#greeninitiatives#takecareofyourplants


Aistė is leading the workshop!
Moments from the workshop
Founder Director of Inovatyvi karta
Some gifts for participants- they can plant it at home!