Paulius – Magic in the projects

Wow. What an experience! Five magic wands out of five! I haven’t learned how to bring the rabbit out of the hat or split in half 5 euro bill and put it back again, but I definitely got to know how to lift up the Erasmus+ project application quality and what magic dusts come in handy writing and implementing a project. Looking for European Hogwartz? Visit Baltijas Reģionālais fonds and meet Ginta, Liga and Natalie. They know how to sprinkle your project!

I was privileged to take part in this great training course and meet very talented and ambitious youth workers, teacher, activists from all over Europe. From the beginning of the project I felt like Alice in Wonderland who discovered the rabbit hole. I went down to a different magical world full of natural and personal treasures. It’s true what Morgan Freeman said in the movie the Magic of Belle Isle magic, Never stop looking for what’s not there.

I’m sending warm greetings to all the graduates of Puduri magic school with whom I shared the week and discovered my inner strengths. And enormous Panda’s hug goes to NGO Innovative generations/Všį Inovatyvi karta for the support and this opportunity. You know how to raise the bar of Erasmus+ projects!