Madis – Health and youth

Madis, one of the participants in the Youth Exchange “Health and Youth” wrote…. “Once upon a time there was a youth exchange in a far away land. “Far away land” in this case meaning Rustavi, Georgia and “once upon a time” meaning August 2017. People from 4 different countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Armenia and Georgia) gathered for a lovely soviet reunion and discussed a variety of topics from health and wellbeing to social issues and employment. We did different workshops, practiced theater, grew seedlings, saw a Tesla, tried out pilates, hiked up huge mountains (or hills, as the locals called them), explored the interesting urban landscapes of Rustavi, Thbilisi and Mtshketa and had a traditional Georgian culture night with frequent toasts. 

All in all, the international communication was amazing, we all learned a lot, made a lot of new friends and gained new experiences in Georgia. And the Estonian group also managed to be unbelievably awesome travel companions! A big thanks to Continuous Action for sending us, Youth For The World for receiving us and Archimedes Youth Agency for providing the money.”  Told Madis Voitk 🙂