Kiril – Save our water

First time. First-hand experience of youth exchanges:

“It may not have been my dozens of youth exchanges and I have nothing to compare them to, but I will definitely remember this all my life. During the exchange I met people who made me believe that we can all change and at the same time influence change in others in the future. I saw these people all together and at the same time explored each one individually.I saw them collaborating, sharing experiences, laughing, supporting each other.I was a part of it all.I would never have thought that a youth exchange would be all that for me. I wrote on a leaflet what these exchanges would help me to achieve, I wrote without thinking – “Relax”, from everything that presses me and doesn’t say a single word when I want it the most. I have spoken to everyone and even to those whose language was not known to me.I hope to one day return to Serbia and see all those people I loved it, and learning something new from them, because what I learned was certainly not all I was able to “squeeze out” of my first exchange. “

@Kiril šaršakov about his first exchange in Serbia. Get involved, taking advantage of the extraordinary opportunities of the Erasmus + program!