Karolina – Pasta la vista

Some thoughts of Karolina Ramanauskaite who participated in YE “Pasta la vista” in Slovakia: “At first I want to Thank for the project organizer Daška Gardošíková. It was one of the best my projects during these two years in my life,  where I was involved. I`m asking myself, why exactly this  project  taught me more than the others? Cause here everybody were involved in activities which are really useful in life. Everyday each country presented their famous and most healthy dishes, which we were making in groups and it involved participants from different countries. It was not just good time, but really useful experience. I`ve met many amazing and inspiring people, who taught me during the project: LAUGH  MORE,  WORRY LESS, COOK HEALTHY & DON`T BE AFRAID TO BECOME DIFFERENT.” #inovatyvikarta