Iveta – You-th & heal-th

Iveta Frolovaite shared her experience about the 12 days long project in Georgia. Seems she enjoyed it so much- we share her experience so maybe it will be inspiration for you to join something similar as well? 🙂 “The last 12 days (April 11-22th) I had opportunity to participate in a youth exchange project “You-th & Heal-th” in Ureki, Georgia. It wasn’t my first project, so I didn’t had a lot of expectations, because each project is unique and positive. The main point that makes me to fill in the application form and participate in this project was topic, which is very interesting to me and beneficial for my professional development. But I would be lying if I would say that the place of this project wasn’t important too. It was my third time in Georgia and it’s one of my favorite country – full of beauty of nature and incredible hospitality.

   As I mentioned, each project has some strong sides. In this project I was amazed how all  project was organized and it’s quite rare to meet people who are working so professionally with huge passion for their work. The concept of non-formal education has been fulfilled by 100%, because many workshops was represented by participants, which is the main thing of youth exchange projects – to share knowledge and experience. For example, in this project one of the most interesting workshops for me was about importance of water, which was presented by participants from Poland. The main activities of this project, which I think I will remember for a long time: day hike, night hike, preparation for that and flash mob in city center of Zugdidi. Besides various workshops related to topic we also had cultural evenings of all participating countries (Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Malta, Lithuania, United Kingdom), during that evenings we got some knowledges about each country traditions and culture, actually sometimes you even feel like you partly in other country. However, even all the participants presented their country perfectly, Georgia’s cultural evening was outstanding… Organizers created a genuine celebration for all participants, with live music, traditional dishes and so on. It was just something unreal! 😊

   Huge THANKS to organizers for opportunity to participate in this project, which broadened my mind and I also helped to eliminate certain stereotypes which I had before project. Finally, if there’s a person, who is reading this and hasn’t decided yet whether to go to youth exchange or not, I would strongly recommend to go, because it’s priceless! 😊