ETSpert Training Course

April 7-14, Trakai, Lithuania

Implemented under Erasmus Youth accreditation. Project no. 2023-1-LT02-KA151-YOU-000117971

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Visiting M. Šimelionio Gymnsaium in Lentvairs

The ETSpert training course for youth workers took a exciting turn with a visit to Lentvario M. Šimelionio Gymnasium. This wasn’t just a school visit though, it turned into a lively place where everyone learned from each other!

Instead of classes, the gymnasium halls buzzed with ten workshops happening all at once. Here, the ETSpert participants became the teachers and facilitators! They led sessions on important topics for young people, like European values, expressing yourself through art, setting goals, sharing cultures, and thinking critically. This exchange of knowledge was a great experience for both the ETSpert participants and the gymnasium students.

The visit wrapped up with a special session back in the gymnasium. Here, students learned all about the European Solidarity Corps program and other opportunities for young people, like youth exchange programs, volunteering projects, and even a program to explore Europe Discover EU.

More about the project ETSpert

The ETSpert training’s central aim was to dig into ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers to Work Internationally. This was achieved through a self-directed learning approach, placing participants at the forefront of their development. Participants actively engaged in workshops on key areas like non-violent communication, coaching skills, and the broader field of youth work. This included a deep exploration of all nine core competencies outlined in the ETS model. Hands-on experience and implementation of 10 different sessions and final conderence in Gymnasium was one of the milestones of the project as well.

Organizers and Partners

Trainers: Raminta Rusovičiūtė, Gvantsa Mezvrishvili, Vytautas Šliuburys.

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