Say hi(king)

This was a life- changing experience for many people. This magic happened in 26 September – 5 October, 2016, Tbilisi, Georgia and gathered participants from Lithuania, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Poland and Hungary. 

What was all about?

What we did? Oh yes, we hiked, and hiked and hiked a lot! The main tool we used in this project, was outdoor education, including hiking.

Sabina, from Lithuania, had a lot of feelings regarding this experience. “While participating in this project, I understood that does not matter who I am and who are others, we all are the same. I learned how to deal with myself and with others. I learned how to overcome my fears. I believe, that everyone at least once in a lifetime to take part in a project like this because this experience is not describable and you will want to call people you met, your friends”.

How our days looked like? Every day was structured like that: Morning sports, 3 sessions connected with intercultural learning, youth involvement,  group dynamics, discovering Georgia, learning about non-formal education and Erasmus+ program, intercultural and interreligious dialouge, discrimination, empathy, tolerance, hiking, inclusion etc.  Program after dinner was not obligatory, but it was also organized together with participants. We had such activities as intercultural evening, karaoke, table games etc.