Motion for life

During this Youth Exchange we gathered 36 participants in total from Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. All this amazing happened 2017.06.26- 07.05 in Lithuania.

What was all about?


Art offers a unique means by which we can explore ourselves and who we are in the wider world. It is a way to exchange with other people about what we see, feel, think and sense. Dance is an art form, which in experiential way helps to open a dialogue within and between individuals and communities. 


And not only dancing, we also went for a night hike which lasted 6 hours- it was also an important moment to emphasize moving together. Because we had to protect each other in the dark not to get lost, move as a team, read maps to find the real ways, help each other even to change our wet socks after raining. Yes, it was funny moments! Even we felt tired but with the power and support giving to each other, we completed our travel successfully. Of course it was unforgettable experience for us.

“I experienced how we were supporting each other despite our nations, religions, races, how we succeeded- it was a proud moment for me as human being.”: Gizem Furuncu from Turkey.