My name is Marta Sainz de la Maza Padro. I come from Spain, but I have lived and worked in Vilnius for the last 8 years. I love working with people, supporting the community, overcoming challenges, organizing events and to know the cultural diversity the world has to offer. I am a super-positive, smiley, hardworking, determined, and passionate “about things I do in life” person while I enjoy taking care of health and life-work balance. I graduated in Business Administration in Spain, had numerous international working experience (including the one that brought me to Lithuania). In Vilnius I have worked in an international company all the way from Associate to Supervisor of 14-people-team.

I lived in Italy during my Erasmus grant to finish my degree with international knowledge and later on went to London to master my English skills. Last year, I had the opportunity to be a team leader for a few Erasmus + Youth Exchange projects and became part of the Innovative Generation lead team. Currently, I’m working on receiving the international professional certification of coach (ICF credential) to support others in the best way I could!

Do you want to meet me and know more? Come to our organised activities!