Insanity for sane people: sports core of the life

What did we do? We showed how one could change only in 8-days training with the help of sports and healthy food. Physiotherapists Tomas Juraitis and Algirdas Papickas checked participant’s condition before and after training in order to see the reached difference only in a short period of time. 

What was all about?

Insanity trainings were led by Ignas Bakėjus. Our mission was to encourage people and involve them into physical activity and healthy nutrition as natural part of their daily routine.

Important part was that no alcohol and smoking was allowed during the training. Which, at the end of the day, we doubt that was a good idea to put it as a restriction but would be better for participants to choose. 

Partners united for this very fruitful training from Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary. 27 youth workers. 27 people who had the chance to learn from the best ones.