In the mirror

The name of the project is related to the Michael Jackson song Man in the mirror.This song encouraged millions of people and now it encouraged our group: If you want to make the world a better place/ Take a look at yourself, and then make a change. It naturally became the anthem of the project.

8 partners from Armenia, Georgia, Palestine, Jordan, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark and UK gathered 43 participants. We met in Lithuania 2019.05.07-16.

What was all about?

Highlight of the project was festival of Perloja that was like an open cultural day for locals, guests from surrounding villages and participants of the project. It was a blast! We danced, shared international food, stories, did some sports and meditation, many henna tattoos and had endless conversations together. Each country presented themselves in interesting way and Lithuania was presented by Merkinė High School class and their teacher Rūta Kučinskienė.

Sasha, a participant from the United Kingdom, said that “With participants of all ages, we explored our capabilities, insecurities, and cultural differences in order to unleash our potential, and evaluate our motivations. Through exploring what makes us different, and realising our common ground, or at least vested interest and curiosity in our differences, we enhanced our critical thinking skills, which slowly helped us feel proactive, and understand our maximum potential”. 

Narek, a participant from Armenia, said that “Every minute of the program gave me an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of myself. It gave me a great experience in various fields, developed my critical thinking, helped to break many stereotypes, improve my English-speaking skills, but most importantly this program gave me wonderful friends, thanks to which I gained knowledge about different nations, religions and cultures. It was really difficult to say goodbye to them, because we had already become a big family in only 10 days. ”