My name is Gurkeerat Gill. Originally, I am from India, but now I have been living in Lithuania almost 5 years. I started my life in Lithuania as a student. Currently, I am pursuing my advanced studies in health promotion. As my study area speaks by itself I am into promotion of overall health and well being. I am very communicative and I love to listen to others and talk to others. Not just this,  I love to explore the mysteries of the world and universe. I am into meditation from the last 12 years, and in these years,  I practiced mostly all kinds of traditional methods of meditation (whether those methods are from tibet – yes wisdom from  the lap of sacred himalaya or those methods are from japan like zen or the methods of meditation pythagoras used and preached).

So, yes I can claim that I am an experienced one in meditation and a person with whom you can share and discuss any matter related to life. Also,  I have a lot to share. I have been in non- formal education for the last 5 years, and  I have attended various youth projects and training projects around Europe. From my personal view,  non-formal education is magic. It’s more like an addiction, and this magic we will use throughout the camping days to give you the same taste that we are enjoying from the years. So, See you soon !!