Inovatyvi karta presents this weekend’s experience for every adult woman who desires to take some time off for herself and explore her inner world. We invite you to take the opportunity to get away from your regular life duties. This weekend is about relaxation, time for yourself, connection with other women, finding and giving support for your personal growth. During the activities, we will provide the space to openly share feelings and thoughts, re-discover and re-evaluate who you are as an individual and as a part of the community. Our aim is to create a safe space where women could Feel, Talk, Express and Just Be Themselves while being supported by other women. This weekend is designed for English Speaking female community of Lithuania. That is why you are very welcome to join despite your nationality, age or cultural background. Every women will have her personal place and space in our WWW gathering. Our time together is oriented towards self-knowledge, where we will meet ourselves through body, mind and heart. This experience will take place in a particularly beautiful Vila where the whole territory will belong only to us.


Women to Women Weekend

16-18 October 2020