My name is Arina. In Greek mythology, it was the name meaning peace, this is how I would describe myself in one word. I am sixteen years old. Studying at the wonderful LVG gymnasium in Lentvaris made me creative enough, and interested in many things.

I am interested in everything that is related to sport, mental and physical health. Also art is an important part of my life. Painting, clothes customizing, needle felting wool, web design interest me. It gives meaning to my life and helps me understand this world.

My first encounter with the organization and the Innovative Generation’s team happened quite recently at the end of 2021. In this short period we have created something wonderful – “I am a teen” rubric.“I am a teen” rubric is rubric for teenagers. Here we find important answers to your questions, motivate each other, inspire by positivity, make our life easier and better. I think that for a young person it is a great place of self-realization. Lets join us!